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Nothing Beats the Algarve for a Golf Trip

Club membership is an important factor in retaining the popularity of the game in the UK and abroad. As players become accustomed to their own courses they understand the hazards and problems as they play 18 holes. That does not guarantee that they will necessarily get better at overcoming them but familiarity helps. That said it is nice to get a change every now and again and one way to do that is certainly by investigating golf trips abroad where the course condition and climate ensures a great experience. A great place to consider is the Algarve in Portugal where spring golf trips offer pleasant weather when northern parts of Europe may still be experiencing poor weather.

Why Pick the Algarve?

There are several advantages heading south on inexpensive golf trips to Faro Airport:

  • Flight time from most regional airports in the UK is only 3 hours meaning you can fly and play on the same day, both on your outward and inward days.
  • Golf courses have been opened on a regular basis since the 1960s using the natural environment of pine and olive trees, valleys, water, cliffs and beach settings to the best effect.
  • Affordable golf trips offer great accommodation in the base of your choice and plenty of choice on courses throughout the region.
  • Faro has easy connections to the whole of the South of Portugal with transfers easily bookable to accommodation as well as courses and vehicle hire just as simple.
  • Good companies with a reputation for professionalism and service can provide excellent discount golf trips right around the year. They will have very comprehensive websites as you begin your research.


Luxury golf trips are also a golfing option in Southern Portugal. The tourist infrastructure is well- developed for families as well as golfers. It means that there is plenty to do when you are not on the golf course whether that is to enjoy the beach and fine Mediterranean cuisine or relax and enjoy hotel facilities such as spas, swimming pools and health centres.

The Detail

When deciding on golf trip packages you need to get together as a group and make some basic decisions. There are several alternatives as a base and some complexes that have accommodation and their own courses. Timing is a matter of choice with sometimes spring and autumn preferable to the main summer weeks. After all that may be the time for the family holiday anyway. There are top golf trips to many parts of the UK and Europe though the weather may be a negative factor for many northern locations. There is a strong argument that the best location to choice is one in the south of Europe where the climate varies little year after year, still acceptable in mid-winter and certainly warm once winter departs. Summers are hot though golf is still a pleasure though in the main heat of the day, take plenty of water on board.

Expert Help

Who will help me with my golf trip you might ask yourself? You may be a good planner but sometimes you have to accept that local knowledge is an advantage. That means accepting advice from someone dealing in Portugal every day. You will find that your overall holiday cost will not increase just because you hand over the responsibility for everything to them. They are likely to get preferential rates for each of the aspects of your holiday.

Best Propositions

Finding perfect Algarve golf packages

There are a variety of Algarve golf packages that you can take advantage of during your stay in Portugal. Many of the packages


A huge amount of golf resorts in Algarve to choose from

Another really excellent element of golf holidays Algarve is that you will be able to sign up for a golf tour within select packages.


Taking a holiday that is centered on golfing

If you are interested in taking a holiday that is centered on golfing, then you absolutely must consider Algarve in Portugal. There are few locations you will find around the world that offer the extensive variety of golf courses over looking the break taking scenery of an enchanting location like Algarve does. You can look through all of the various packages that are offered for golfing in Algarve and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Stay at a gorgeous resort while you are able to set up tee times on some of the courses that many professionals have played through. Algarve golfing is a life changing experience for those who truly love to golf.