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A Different Kind Of Vacation

The concept of a vacation hasn’t been around for long in human history. It was only with the birth of the industrial revolution that workers in the UK looked for opportunities to get away from the toil of the factories and the smog of the cities and escape to the British coastline. Holidays then went through "trends" with a trip to the seaside becoming popular due to easier travel provided by the trains. Following that, caravans become fashionable when people began owning cars. Recently, "hobby" specific holidays have become all the rage. And that is how we arrived at the idea of a golfing vacation. While walkers grab their boots and head for the hills with other enthusiasts, surfers take their boards and go to the beach, and golfers pack their clubs and go to an area with many quality golf courses.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Golf Vacation

However, making decisions with a sea of infinite options of golf vacation ideas at your fingertips is not easy. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when planning top golf vacations:

  • Who? Are you thinking of family golf vacations or will you be going with your buddies from work? Are the other people in your party keen on the game?
  • Where? Do you want to say in the UK? Fly half way across the world? We recommend the Algarve in Portugal as it is home to many golf vacation resorts.
  • How much? What is your budget looking like? Are you trying to get the cheapest deal you can get? Or do you have a bit more breathing room in your budget so you are looking at luxury golf vacations?
  • When? Do you have some time off from work in the spring? Do you want to get away from the UK when the weather starts to turn cold and the days get shorter? If you are, then October golf vacations would be right up your alley.

Pulling The Trigger

Once you have weighed up all of the elements above, you will have a pretty good idea of the type of holiday that will suit you. If you are flexible with your dates and you can pack in a few minutes, you can start looking for last minute golf vacations online and start searching the web for a great discount.

Heading To The Algarve

As I mentioned earlier, that Algarve in Portugal can't be beaten for value. There you will find the best courses, elegant accommodation for cheap prices, a well-established expat community that will make you feel right at home and staff who know their putter from their 9-iron as they have been looking after golfers for decades. Whether you score in the 90's or in the 70's, whether you are 30 or 80, the Algarve region provides everything you need to enjoy the game that you love. The only problem is - you won't want to leave and go back home.

Best Propositions

Finding perfect Algarve golf packages

There are a variety of Algarve golf packages that you can take advantage of during your stay in Portugal. Many of the packages


A huge amount of golf resorts in Algarve to choose from

Another really excellent element of golf holidays Algarve is that you will be able to sign up for a golf tour within select packages.


Taking a holiday that is centered on golfing

If you are interested in taking a holiday that is centered on golfing, then you absolutely must consider Algarve in Portugal. There are few locations you will find around the world that offer the extensive variety of golf courses over looking the break taking scenery of an enchanting location like Algarve does. You can look through all of the various packages that are offered for golfing in Algarve and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Stay at a gorgeous resort while you are able to set up tee times on some of the courses that many professionals have played through. Algarve golfing is a life changing experience for those who truly love to golf.